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Since 1961, Harry's Carpet Workroom has been a world renown CFI flooring installer.

Harry's Carpet Service is a Family owned & operated workroom that provides custom carpet rug fabrication to the Tri-State Area.   Our specialty is applying edgings and finishes to carpet borders using various binding tapes, serging yarns, rug fringes, and wide border tapes. It's our aim to provide the industry's best work at an affordable rate. We perform our custom border work with the world's finest machinery & tools from NC Carpet Binding & Equipment. We are a high volume carpet sales & area rug fabrication workroom that performs jobs nationwide. If you have 1 rug or 1,000,000 to fabricate, Harry's Carpet Service is capable of providing immediate, reliable service.

Harry's Carpet Service routinely creates custom area rugs from the scraps, called carpet remnants, that your installation team leaves behind or throws out. We can create hand finished area rugs, runners for the hallway, entrance mats, etc. All of which lend well to any home or office. 

Choose luxurious from over 100 Carpet Serging finishes for your area rugs.

Some of the customers at Harry's Carpet Binding service choose serging yarn to finish the edges of their carpet remnants. It’s most often applies to higher end carpet like oriental rugs and runners.  It’s also a great carpet edging choice for standard plush and berber carpets. 

Carpet Cove Base Available In Carpet Binding and Carpet Serging

Carpet Cove Base is found in most office, hotel, and commercial settings.  Our NC Carpet Binding Cove Base Machine runs carpet base at 60 feet per minute.  So if you have a 10,000 feet cove base job…we’ll be done is about 4 hours.  Did we mention that we can also cut your carpet into cove base strips?  If you’re cove is uncut, don’t worry.  We have an industrial 6 blade cutter on hand that can cut over 5,000 of feet per hour.  Some clients prefer their cove base to be serged.  It truly provides that high end look that fancy offices and building complexes are looking for.

Custom Wide Border Fabrication in New Jersey

Harrys Custom Carpet Binding Services offers wide borders for the perimeter of the carpet.   Do you want to show 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches + on the surface of your carpet ?   We applies these gorgeous custom area rug borders.  Choose from mitred corners, standard corners, leather tapes, canvas tapes, 100% Cotton Binding Borders…Bring us material from a craft store and we will apply it to the border of your area rug.  There is no limit to our capabilities…so let your imagination soar and we’ll make your dream area rug come to life.

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